TSVP Radio Theater Podcast (Ep17) – The Bishop’s Wife

The Bishop’s Wife

A Dave Holoweiko Radio Play

On episode 17 of the TSVP Radio Theater Podcast we present The Bishop’s Wife, directed by David Holoweiko and featuring the voices of Dave Cary, Shelly Cary, Glory Friedl, Dave Holoweiko, Jack Puškar, Jennifer Puškar, Mike Puškar, Kelsey Pollock Rhea, Victoria Rhea, and Larry Spinnenwebber.

On episode 17 of the TSVP Radio Theater Podcast we present The Bishop's Wife, directed by David Holoweiko and featuring the voices of Dave Cary, Shelly Cary, Glory Friedl, Dave Holoweiko, Jack Puškar, Jennifer Puškar, Mike Puškar, Kelsey Pollock Rhea, Victoria Rhea, and Larry Spinnenwebber.

Little Beaver Historical Society produced this play as a benefit to the Society and its efforts to keep local history alive and well in Beaver County. Please support LBHS by making a donation in appreciation of this wonderful holiday radio drama.

In the Press

Beaver County Times -- R-ACT [theater company] originally picked "The Bishop's Wife" in 2013, "as it was a great Christmas story that wasn't well known," Holoweiko said.

Between rehearsals and it being performed that year, Holoweiko had to bow out as director to tend to his mom, who had become extremely ill, spending six weeks in the hospital before dying in January 2014.

"I think my reason for doing it now is I felt like I had to finish it to the end since I had to drop out because of my mom's illness and also it's a wonderful story to share with what's happening in the world at the moment," Holoweiko said. "I think we all have to look at what we have in our lives that's good and not on all the sadness and sickness, and remember that as long as we have family and friends we will come through this."

This episode was recorded December 15, 2020 at the Segriff Stage in Rochester, Pa. Podcast executive producer: Kevin Farkas.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas. Featuring the voices of Dave Cary, Shelly Cary, Glory Friedl, Dave Holoweiko, Jack Puskar, Jennifer Puskar, Mike Puskar, Kelsey Pollock Rhea, Victoria Rhea, and Larry Spinnenwebber. Music (available on Soundcloud.com and YouTube.com): nthdesign(“Skiing on Christmas”), Watterson(“Christmas Special”), Esther Abrami (No. 9 Esther's Waltz”), “The Darkest Cello Music - Beginning to End,” Aakash Ghandi “ Heavenly Music By Classical Romantic”), St John's College Choir(“ Away In A Manger”), Chino Yoshio (“Away in a Manger”). © ℗ TSVP Radio Theater Podcast/The Social Voice Project.  All rights reserved.

A note about recording our play - Facing the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and mindful of the health risks involved, we rehearsed our play remotely through many Zoom meetings.  However, the actual recording took place in person at the Segriff Stage in Rochester, Pennsylvania. 

Using six high definition wireless mic stations sanitized with disinfectant, we utilized every corner of the studio space to socially distance our actors as much as possible.  We had two family groups of actors, but while not on mic the entire cast and crew remained masked.  It's important to note that their arrival and departure times were staggered to minimize contact.  Additionally, we opted not to use our usual headset monitoring system that allows actors to better hear their cues; instead, we used speaker monitors for each mic station. While not an ideal recording environment for our typical radio theater productions, we managed to perform and record our show with remarkable speed, attention to exceptional audio quality, and safety concerns for all involved. ~Kevin Farkas, sound engineer and editor

Dave Cary

Dudley the Angel

Shelly Cary

Matilda the Housekeeper

Glory Friedl

Miss Cassaway, Henry's Secretary

Dave Holoweiko

Director, Narrator, Sylvester the Cab Driver, Mr. Miller at St. Timothy's

Jack Puškar

Henry the Bishop

Jennifer Puškar

Mrs. Hamilton

Mike Puškar

Bobby the Choir Boy

Kelsey Pollock Rhea

Julia the Bishop's Wife

Victoria Rhea

Debbie, Daughter of Julia and Henry, Ruppert the Choir Boy

Larry Spinnenwebber

Professor Wutheridge, Stevens the Butler

Kevin Farkas

Executive Producer - The Social Voice Project

Producer & Host - TSVP Radio Theater Podcast

Kevin Farkas is an award-winning, independent multimedia producer specializing in creative audiography and podcast audio engineering, recording and editing.  The Bishop's Wife is his 12th radio drama production.

  TSVP’s Radio Theater Podcast presents classic, contemporary, and original imaginative audio productions, including recorded, staged, and live streamed performances before live audiences.  In addition to showcasing performances, the podcast is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the craft of local theater.  
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