R-ACT Theatre Podcast (Ep 3) – Gaslight (Angel Street)

Robert Eric Armstrong | Gaslight (Angel Street)


On episode 3 of the R-ACT Theatre Productions Podcast, we talk with Robert Eric Armstrong about R-ACT’s 2017 production of Gaslight (Angel Street), written by Patrick Hamilton and directed by Robert Eric Armstrong. Also featured on the podcast, readings from the play and commentary by actors Jenn Rian, Eric McAnallen, Dave Neuhart, Danielle Lang, and Rica Howarth.

This episode was recorded October 15, 2017 in Rochester, Pa. Host: Scott Reinard.  Guest: Robert Eric Armstrong.  Featuring the voices of Jenn Rian, Eric McAnallen, Neuhart, Danielle Lang, and Rica Howarth. Podcast executive producer: Kevin Farkas.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas, Dave Holoweiko.  Music (available on Soundcloud.com): Camoflex (“Tears From Heaven”), Tomoki Umeda (“Piano Adlib2”), TC Randolph (“Cello Solo Dorian”), Jet Fly (“Atmospheric Organ”). ©R-ACT Theatre Productions Podcast/The Social Voice Project, Inc. All rights reserved.