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The Social Voice Project, Inc. is an innovative public interest media company specializing in podcasting and other creative media partnerships with community oriented organizations and individuals. We are dedicated to promoting a wide range of nonprofits, community and cultural projects, public history initiatives, and the arts, tourism, and corporate missions.

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11 hours ago

Local oral history programs matter.

During WW II, Pittsburgh's Joe Zablotny sailed on the destroyer, USS Newcomb (DD-586), said to be the most attacked ship in the Pacific. Once they were hit by ... See more

14 hours ago
What You're Saying When You Say "I Don't Need a Mic"

If you are ever in charge of an event where there is a diverse audience and sound system involved, please heed this advice. We are so grateful for this article addressing the needs of the hearing ... See more

1 day ago

Great news! We've now integrated our podcast Facebook page feeds into our TSVP podcast website pages.

So, you can now see your favorite podcasts' Facebook posts on the podcasts' webpages, and you ... See more

1 day ago
TSVP Podcasting

TSVP podcasters, guests, and events.

2 days ago
Housekeeping 101

We often wonder why more local historical societies and museums are not capturing, preserving, and sharing oral histories from their communities.

The Social Voice Project specializes in ... See more



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