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Episode 21: Jennie Johnstone

On episode 21 of The Genesis Collective Creatives Podcast, we talk with local artist Jennie Johnstone about creative sensibilities, the business of art, and the allure of still life paintings. We also talk about the importance of art society here in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Jennie is the president of the fine arts association, Beaver Valley Artists.


This episode of The Genesis Collective Creators Podcast was produced by The Social Voice Project for The Genesis Collective. Host: Kevin Farkas. Guest: Jennie Johnstone. Artist Conversation Series. Podcast producer, sound editor: Kevin Farkas. Executive Producer: The Genesis Collective. Sounds: The Undeserving (“There’s Nothing Else”), Ethan Hawke (“Give yourself permission to be creative”). Cover art image courtesy Laurie Fillinger. © ℗ The Genesis Collective. All rights reserved.

Jennie Johnstone ~ Artist's Statement

I grew up in rural Colorado surrounded by pine trees and blue skies. The love of nature I found then has sustained me throughout my life, living in Colorado, New England, and now in Pennsylvania, where I moved in 2007.

I received a BA in English from the University of Colorado, which led to many years working in printing and publishing. A college painting class had helped me rediscover my passion for art. I followed up with adult education drawing classes while working full time. Eventually, I enrolled in the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art to study fine art in the tradition of the masters. The wonderful teachers there helped give me the strong foundation I was seeking.

Following this training, my artwork became more realistic. I still like to draw, and I paint with oils, pastels, and acrylics. My favorite subject is still life, because I can create a new world in each painting. My goal is to use tangible things – color, value, texture, line, and shape – to evoke something intangible like a mood, a feeling, or a sense of beauty, as poets do with words. I think many artists strive for this.

Not long after moving here, I found the Beaver Art Group and the Beaver Valley Artists, or BVA. I also belong to the Cranberry Artists Network. I was the Secretary of BVA, and now I have been the President for over five years. These art groups have helped me grow as an artist, and as President of BVA, I hope to help others do the same as part of our group.

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