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More Local History Podcasting and Online Companion Exhibits

Starting in 2022, we’ve been supporting select podcast episodes with special online companion exhibits that help provide greater context and richer media experiences for the public. We’ve modeled these projects on the concept of “digital media storytelling,” which uses a wide range of media–text, photographs, video, audio, illustrations, graphic information, and hyperlinked sources–to enhance the audio experience, especially for those on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as those with hearing and visual impairments. 

Local Oral History and Podcast Archives

After twelve years producing hundreds of oral history interviews and many community-focused podcasting projects throughout Western Pennsylvania, we’ve gathered a sizable amount of content that we want to share with the public. Additionally, as part of our Beaver County Art & History project, we’ve developed an archive of public art in Beaver County and surrounding counties and region, including nearby West Virginia and Ohio.  

Our archives are curated, organized, and searchable online. Each archive contains a simple listing of accessions with cover images, subjects and titles, content descriptions, links to accessing the original recordings, and some technical data such as creation dates, producers, categories, and keywords. The content displays are best suited to laptop and tablet viewing, but also mobile-friendly for smartphones and smaller screens. Check out some of our archives:

Oral History Interview Archive

Podcast Episode Archive


This online feature explores the intersection of local art and local history, showing the ways art helps capture, preserve, and share the people, places, and events of the past.    

Public Art Archive

This developing archive contains a listing of public art found in Beaver County, Pennsylvania and surrounding region.  You can sort and search by category of art, community, or by keywords.  Images have been sourced from various locations and may be copyrighted.  They are presented here for educational purposes. 

2023 Pig Lady Fall Folklore Celebration of Beaver County

2023 marks our 4th year producing the Pig Lady Fall Folklore Celebration, a modern incarnation of the legendary Pig Lady of Cannelton Halloween festivities held for many years in Darlington Township, Pennsylvania.  

In partnership with the Little Beaver Lions Club’s Pumpkin Palooza festivities, this year’s event will take place on October 14, 2023 at the Fire Department fair grounds in New Galilee, Pennsylvania.

2023 Pig Lady Fall Folklore Celebration: Tales of Appalachian Beaver County