R-ACT Theatre Podcast (Ep 1) – Moon Over Buffalo

Larry Spinnenweber | Moon Over Buffalo


On episode 1 of the R-ACT Theatre Productions Podcast, we talk with Larry Spinnenweber about R-ACT’s 2017 production of Moon Over Buffalo, written by Ken Ludwig and directed by Larry Spinnenweber.  Also appearing on the podcast is R-ACT president, Mike Nelson.  Featuring readings from the play and commentary by actors Cheryl Crabb, Scott Hamilton, Jenn Rian, Mary Romeo, and Bruce Travers.

This episode was recorded May 26 2017 in Rochester, Pa. Host: Dave Holoweiko, with Larry Spinnenweber, Mike Nelson.  Featuring the voices of Cheryl Crabb, Scott Hamilton, Jenn Rian, Mary Romeo, Bruce Travers.  Executive Producer: Kevin Farkas.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas, Bryan Chemini. Music (available on Soundcloud.com): Shane Ivers (“Rendezvous”), Jonas Volf (“The Shadow of Your Smile”), André J. Spang (“DED16 Jazz”), Njoy (“Morning Jazz”). ©2017 R-ACT Threatre Productions Podcast/TSVP. All rights reserved.