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Justin Fortunato & Lindsay Courteau

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center


On episode 10 of the TSVP Radio Theater Podcast, we talk with Justin Fortunato and Lindsay Courteau about how they create exceptional theater at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center.



On episode 10 of the TSVP Radio Theater Podcast, we talk with artistic director Justin Fortunato and marketing manager Lindsay Courteau of the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center about how they create exceptional theater magic on stage and throughout local communities.
This episode was recorded April 17, 2019 at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center in Midland, Pa. Podcast executive producer: Kevin Farkas.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas, Dave Holoweiko.  Hosts: Kevin Farkas, Dave Holoweiko.  Guests: Justin Fortunato, Lindsay Courteau.  Music (available at Soundcloud.com): Shadow Chancellor (“Awakening”), High Priest Spooks (“The Garden of Eden), Zach Will (“PingPongWizard”), Amoebacrew (“Alternative Day”), Nicolai Heidlas & Stefan Schaulinski (“Sunny Acoustic Rock”). Other sounds: TEDx Talks (“What is theatre capable of? Simon Stone at TEDxSydney”). Cover photo: Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center.  ©TSVP Radio Theater Podcast/The Social Voice Project, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Justin Fortunato

Justin Fortunato is the producing artistic director at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center.  He is a native of Pittsburgh, graduating from Baldwin High School.  He holds a BFA in musical theater from Point Park University.

Lindsay Courteau

Lindsay Courteau is the marketing manager at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center. She is a graduate of Beaver Area High School and holds a degree in corporate communications from Lycoming College.  

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center is an arts, education, and cultural asset for western Pennsylvania and the surrounding tri-state region. Located in a beautiful park setting in Midland (Beaver County) Pennsylvania, the Center is home to Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School and Henry Mancini Arts Academy, and also hosts arts education programs and other events. Since Lincoln Park first opened its doors in June, 2006, its mission has been to strengthen the cultural, educational, and economic vitality of southwestern Pennsylvania by making high-quality arts and education programs available, accessible, and affordable for everyone.
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