R-ACT Live! | 2017 Annual Holiday Radio Show


On episode 5 of the R-ACT Theatre Productions Podcast, we present R-ACT’s 2017 Annual Holiday Radio Show, I’ll Be Seeing You, performed live at the Merrick Art Gallery in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. Cast and crew: Shantih Bianco, Heather Beckman, Karen Blackburn, Bill Bruce, Donna Glaab, Scott Hamilton, Joann Irons, Brian Kedelesic, Gloria Little, Vickie Mann, Kevin McGuire, Michelle Morris-Donner, Mike Nelson, Scott Reinard, Lynn Snyder, Bethany Straub.  Special performance live sound, recording, and editing by The Social Voice Project.


This episode was recorded December 2, 2017 at the Merrick Art Gallery, New Brighton, Pa. Host: Scott Reinard.  Podcast executive producer: Kevin Farkas.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas, Dave Holoweiko, Bryan Chemini, Jon Stile, Eric Stresky, and Jacob Scurzenski. ©R-ACT Theatre Productions Podcast/The Social Voice Project, Inc.  All rights reserved.