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Proceeds from our Halloween Radio Show benefit the Rochester Area Heritage Society and Beaver County local history and performing arts


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Act One

The Wraith of Mystery Mile

Two friends get much more than they bargained for when investigating one of Beaver County’s most notorious urban legends.

Starring Joshua D. Maley, Jess Paul

Act Two

Ghost Hunt

A musical DJ and ghost investigator spend the night in a haunted house. When the show’s producer comes back in the morning, the DJ is inexplicably missing. Left behind is a mysterious recording made by the DJ—revealing a night of horror.

Starring Dave Millar, Jim Kappas, Danielle Alaica Lang, Scott Reinhart, Larry Spinnenweber

Act Three:

Ghost Tales

An anthology of short ghost tales read by various actors.

Starring Tony Lavornge, Kevin McGuire, Theo Reddinger

Act Four

Spirits of the Lake

An estranged married couple suffers a mysterious boating accident–or was it? Suspecting her doom was no accident, the wife’s final wish is that that spirits of the lake should exact revenge upon her unfaithful husband.

Starring Danielle Alaica Lang, Larry Spinnenweber, Bridget Yeager



Jim Kappas

Jim Kappas (McDonald) is excited for his third show with The Social Voice Project. A local comedian, Jim performs in F’N Improv weekly with the Cellar Dwellers in Rochester, Pa.  He has worked on and written various short films at Montana State University. He is a graduate of Washington and Jefferson College in Mathematics and Physics, and currently works in Visitor Services at the Carnegie Science Center and as a substitute teacher. 

Tony Lavorgne

Tony Lavorgne specializes in  obscure paranormal and anthropological topics. He is an accomplished researcher, author, and public speaker on the subject of local Legends and Lore of Western Pennsylvania,  West Virginia and Eastern Ohio.

Danielle Alaica Lang

Danielle has been a member of R-ACT Theatre Productions since 2016. Some of her favorite roles have been Butterflies are Free (Mrs. Baker),  Magnolias and Murder (Velvet Monroe) and Twice Around the Park (Margaret Heinz).  She is also a playwright, having two one-act plays produced by R-ACT as part of their Fractured Fairy Tales series (“Goldy Lox and the Three Baers” and “The Piper”). When not performing in local theater, Danielle is a postal carrier in Beaver, Pa.

Josh Maley

Joshua D. Maley is a Beaver County-based filmmaker, author, and voice actor known for his films 415 and Lullabye, short fiction work, “The Unquiet Grave”, and his YouTube series Grimm’s Frightmares.

Kevin McGuire

Kevin McGuire is no stranger to radio theater.  He performed in R-ACT Theatre Production’s 2017 Holiday Radio Show, “I’ll Be Seeing You.”  He also performed as Noah Curry in R-ACT’s rendition of “The Rainmaker.”  Most recently he portrayed Alfonse “Noodles” Feghetti in The Bobcat Players’ version of “Too Many Cooks.” Kevin lives in North Sewickley Twp., Beaver County.

David Millar

David Millar has recently returned to stage acting, gracing the community theater stage over the past year. With the Halloween Radio Show, he is excited to be back in front of the mic, but he cautions everyone who comes to show, don’t get too scared!

Jess Paul

Jess Paul is an American actor and producer known for the award-winning short “A Funny Man,”’s “Promenade,” and the 2014 official Sundance Film Festival selection, “The Immaculate Reception.”

Theo Reddinger

Theo Reddinger is a Beaver County native and has been performing for more than 10 years. He’s happy to be joined by not only fellow Cellar Dwellers, but the other remarkable talents lending their voices to the show.

Scott Reinard

Scott Reinard has been acting at R-Act Theatre Productions since 2015. His performances include parts in The Field; Arsenic and Old Lace; Magnolias; Murder, Martinis and Murder, The Golden Girls; and Gaslight. Scott has hosts the R-Act Theatre Productions podcast. Most recently he hosted TSVP’s 2018 Comedy Radio Show.

Larry Spinnenweber

Larry Spinnenweber is one of the earliest members of R-ACT Theatre Productions. He is an actor and playwright, director, and producer.  Most recently he performed in R-ACT’s rendition of “The Rainmaker” and “Murder on the Budapest Express.”

Bridget Yeager

Bridget Yeager is a stage and screen actor. She is a member of the improv comedy troupe, The Cellar Dwellers, and performs in their weekly F’N Improv Show every Friday. She was most recently seen in R-Act Theatre Productions’ Murder on the Budapest Express. She has also performed with The Bobcat Players and was most recently in their production Something To Hide. Bridget has been in several film productions, most notably in the feature film, “Night Zero.” She also plays the role of Arctica for the web series “Heroineburgh.”



The Halloween Radio Show is our last live performance of the year.  The show will be recorded live October 19th at the Rochester Borough Theater in Rochester, Pennsylvania.  It will appear as episode 4 of the TSVP Radio Theater Podcast.

Audiography: Kevin Farkas & Dave Holoweiko (The Social Voice Project).  ©TSVP Radio Theater Podcast/The Social Voice Project, Inc.  All rights reserved.



TSVP’s Radio Theater Podcast presents classic, contemporary, and original imaginative audio productions, including recorded, staged, and live streamed performances before live audiences.  In addition to showcasing performances, the podcast is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the craft of local theater.  In 2018, The Social Voice Project partnered with the Merrick Art Gallery and the Rochester Area Heritage Society to bring three radio-styled audio performances to Beaver County.






The Rochester Area Heritage Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Rochester’s rich history and heritage, including an extensive collection of Frye glass artifacts, early 19th and 20th century school rooms, and one of the region’s most impressive scale model train displays.





For more than a century, the Merrick Free Art Gallery has provided residents of Beaver County and the surrounding region with a landmark destination in which to enjoy the civilizing influence of the arts. Each year, thousands of people visit The Merrick to view the permanent collection, attend special exhibits and invitational showings, or learn more about art and artistry in the many classes and workshops offered.







2018 TSVP Radio Theater Shows


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