Michael Kishbucher: Legends & Lore of Little Beaver Creek

On episode 14 of the Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast recorded and broadcast live at the 2019 Darlington Days Community Celebration, guest host and noted paranormal investigator Tony Lavorgne talks with Darlington native Michael Kishbucher about his latest book Legends & Lore of Little Beaver Creek, an entertaining and factual investigation exploring the origins and history of a variety of local tales including the legends of Esther Hale, White Lady of Sprucevale, Gretchen’s Lock, Indian Rock, and the Pig Lady of Cannelton.

Michael Kishbucher is a Virginia-based author who grew up in Darlington Township and Negley, Ohio.  He has a life-long fascination with local folklore, legends, and ghost tales. Of particular interest to Michael are the writings of Ira Mansfield, noted 19th century local historian, folklorist, photographer, politician, and industrialist from northern Beaver County. Michael is a veteran of the US Air Force (retired), with decades of experience as a Department of Defense intelligence analyst.  He lives near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia with his wife and two daughters.

Legends & Lore of Little Beaver Creek

This episode was recorded June 1, 2019 in Darlington, Pa.  Host: Tony Lavorgne. Guest: Michael Kishbucher.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas. Music (available on SoundCloud.com): Michael  Musco (“Plucky Sky”). Other sounds: Riot (“Level Plane”), Dan Phillipson (“Lights In The Sky”). Other sounds (available at Bensound.com): “Memories.” ©Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast/The Social Voice Project.  All rights reserved.