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Supporting a diverse network of local artists and their work, making art more accessible to the public, and putting art back into our communities.

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TGC Podcast is a bi-weekly, 30 minute show presenting news and info about TGC events and activities, as well as conversations about art, local artist profiles, art features, and more. TGC Podcast is Beaver County’s first and only podcast supporting local artists, building community, and celebrating art.

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Episode Two: R-ACT Theatre Company's Annual Holiday Radio Show

On Episode 2 of The Genesis Collective Podcast, listen to Larry Spinnenwebber, Shantih Bianco, Dave Holoweiko, Kevin McGuire, and others talk about R-ACT Theatre Company’s long-running Holiday Radio Show and nearly thirty years celebrating the performing arts in Beaver County. We also cover news from The Genesis Collective and our public art highlight features the mural, “A Vital and Connected Rochester” in Rochester, Pennsylvania.

Featured Artist: R-ACT Theatre Productions

News from The Genesis Collective

Public Art Highlight: “A Vital and Connected Rochester”

"A Vital and Connected Rochester"

Episode One: Jesse Derflinger

On Episode 1 of The Genesis Collective Podcast, we visit with Beaver County artist Jesse Derflinger of Darlington, Pennsylvania and talk about the meaning and purpose of art. We also tour “Fallen Branches,” Jesse’s landscaped artistic collage of unusual found objects, industrial artifacts, and other fascinating curiosities surrounding his home.

We also talk with executive director Pamela Rossi-Keen about the many new and exciting ways The Genesis Collective is supporting artists in Beaver County.  And for our public art highlight, we recommend visiting “The Armistice Letter” mural located in the Beaver Falls post office.

Featured Artist: Jesse Derflinger | Visit Fallen Branches

News from The Genesis Collective

Public Art Highlight: “The Armistice Letter”

Scenes from Fallen Branches

This episode was produced by The Social Voice Project for The Genesis Collective. It was recorded on location in Darlington, Pennsylvania on July 3, 2021. Podcast producer, sound editor: Kevin Farkas. Production assistant: Mary Loveland. Executive Producer: The Genesis Collective. Sound (available on YouTube and Soundcloud): playm_usic (“Relaxing Harp Music Instrumental Music”), Jon Luc Hefferman (“A Storm At Eilean Mor,” “Analog”), “Traditional Aboriginal Australian Music Using the Didigeridoo (Yidaki),” “cancion-triste-1502,” “Decade Continue,” Travis Nobles (“morning_forest_bloom”). © ℗ The Genesis Collective.  All rights reserved.

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“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart,” proclaimed Vincent van Gogh, one of the most famous and recognizable European artists.

Like the Dutch painter, artists of every society, culture, race, and ethnicity throughout human history have put their hearts and souls into making art that shares their vision of the world and tells their story.

That’s what artists do—they share their experiences through color, light, shape, form, and movement. Their expressions stir, move, swoon, delight, encourage, and challenge us

to think and feel and see the world in new ways—to re-vision humanity.

That’s what artists do, with all their heart.

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The Genesis Collective is a nonprofit initiative in Beaver County, Pennsylvania supporting a diverse network of local artists and their work, making art more accessible to the public, and entrenching art in community development.


The Social Voice Project is pleased to be an advisor and principle organizing member of The Genesis Collective, which exists “to create a thriving and supportive arts ecosystem in Beaver County. TGC connects regional artists to one another, to the community, and to those resources required for making art an indispensable feature of Beaver County’s identity.”


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