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Artist Conversation Series

Episode 24: Frank Bisceglia

Coming soon on episode 24 of The Genesis Collective Creatives Podcast, we talk with local artist Frank Bisceglia about the creative process, developing as an artist, and the importance of the fine arts association, Beaver Valley Artists.


This episode of The Genesis Collective Creators Podcast was produced by The Social Voice Project for The Genesis Collective. Host: Kevin Farkas. Guest: Frank Bisceglia. Artist Conversation Series. Podcast producer, sound editor: Kevin Farkas. Executive Producer: The Genesis Collective. Sounds: The Undeserving (“There’s Nothing Else”), Ethan Hawke (“Give yourself permission to be creative”). Cover art image courtesy Laurie Fillinger. © ℗ The Genesis Collective. All rights reserved.


The diversity of art expression offers a venue that provides validity to the duality of Life. The parallel existence of contrasting styles of art is a testimony to the reality that opposite ideas can coexist while having equal value. The analytical procedures acquired through Art Education can transfer to the way we perceive information. This encourages a methodology that perpetuates alternative paradigms in how we interpret ourselves and the world around us.


I have enjoyed teaching Visual Arts (Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Sculpture, etc.) for more than 60 years at a variety of grade levels from Preschool to Community College. I have taught in both rural and urban settings and have designed, implemented, and evaluated several Art Curriculums for a wide range of student profiles.

Image: Franl Bisceglia/Morning Journal

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Kevin Farkas hosts The Genesis Collective Creatives Podcast. He is a founding creative advisor of The Genesis Collective, and also the founder and executive producer of The Social Voice Project. He has an academic background in art history and the philosophy of aesthetics, but his key interest is in critical analysis of art, creativity, language, and society.