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Beaver County’s first and only podcast supporting local artists, celebrating art, and building community through creativity. The podcast is a bi-weekly show presenting local artist profiles, conversations about art, public art features, and news about art events and activities. 

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Episode 3: East of Enon - Bluegrass Beaver County

On Episode 3 of The Genesis Collective Podcast, listen to Dave Foster and Judy Foster talk about their band East of Enon and bluegrass music in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. We also feature the Sahli Nature Park butterfly sculpture in Chippewa Township, Pennsylvania—a reminder of the importance of pollinators in our natural world.

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Featured Artist: East of Enon

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Public Art Highlight: Butterfly Sculpture at Sahli Nature Park

Public Art Highlight

Sahli Nature Park photographs by Mary Fogle.  This podcast episode was produced by The Social Voice Project for The Genesis Collective. Host: Kevin Farkas. Guests: Dave Foster, Judy Foster. Podcast producer, sound editor: Kevin Farkas. Executive Producer: The Genesis Collective. Sounds (available on Soundcloud): Walker Winn (“Down Around Bull Creek FINAL”), Wayne John Bradley (“Drumbeats Master”), “The Soft Approach,” David Hyde (“Acoustic_Folk Instrumental”). Other sounds: Portions previously recorded – Beaver County History Podcast, Episode 14 (“Dave Foster & Judy Foster | Beaver County Bluegrass”), East of Enon (“In the Garden”), Jon Luc Hefferman (“A Storm At Eilean Mor”), “Traditional Aboriginal Australian Music Using the Didigeridoo (Yidaki).” © ℗ The Genesis Collective.  All rights reserved.