The Genesis Collective Creatives Podcast

Beaver County’s first and only podcast supporting local artists, celebrating art, and building community through creativity. The podcast presents local artist profiles, conversations about art, public art features, and news about art events and activities. 

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Disruptive Art Series


Episode 22: Creative Advocacy with Daniel Rossi-Keen - Disruptive Art Series

Coming soon on episode 22 of The Genesis Collective Creatives Podcast, we talk with Daniel Rossi-Keen about the concept, practice, hope and possibilies of Creative Advocacy: "A public and intentional form of engagement that employs artistic practice to disrupt prevailing narratives and strengthen community movement toward an identified goal.”

Episode 17: Graffiti as Art - Disruptive Art Series

On episode 17 of The Genesis Collective Creatives Podcast, we talk with a local graffiti artist about the method, aesthetics, legality, cultural authenticity, and artistic merit of graffiti in Beaver County and beyond.

Dat Way: Hip Hop Culture Power

IN DEVELOPMENT - On a future episode we explore the Beaver County Hip Hop music scene as social, political, and economic critique and commentary.