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No Image Available “Cold, Cold Heart” / Betty Cox
Beautiful echos from the past, Betty Cox, Paul Dennis (lead guitar), Jimmy Eaton, (bass) from a 1959 home recording. This…
Local History, Performing Arts Terry Cox CHECK IT OUT
No Image Available “Dear Mr. President,” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, January or February 1942
“Dear Mr. President” recordings.  Part of After the Day of Infamy: “Man-on-the-Street” Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Created /…
Community Stories, Local History, Political Issues CHECK IT OUT
No Image Available “The Pennsylvania Song:” Ballads of the Revolution 1767-1781 Sung by…
The Pennsylvania Song · Wallace House Ballads of the American Revolution, 1767-1781 ℗2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1953 Folkways Records…
Local History, Performing Arts Wallace House CHECK IT OUT
No Image Available “What’s Hap-Been-In” Visiting Sparky the Fire Dog
Beaver Falls historical museum basement of Carnegie Library of Beaver Falls, Pa. We did a quick tour through the museum…
Communities, Local History String Wizards CHECK IT OUT
No Image Available “What’s-Hap-Been-In” at Homewood Falls
Buttermilk Falls clean-up. Plea for folks to join the effort. RETURN TO THE LISTENING LIBRARY: BEAVER COUNTY
Communities String Wizards CHECK IT OUT
No Image Available 100 Yr Old Bridge to be saved! See it in…
The Fallston Bridge has carried Traffic over the Beaver River since 1909. I originally reported that was to be demolished,…
Local History Stuff That’s Gone Channel CHECK IT OUT
No Image Available 2018 Comedy Radio Show
On episode 02 of the TSVP Radio Theater Podcast, we present our 2018 Comedy Radio Show, performed, recorded, and streamed to…
Events, Performing Arts TSVP Radio Theater Podcast CHECK IT OUT
No Image Available 2018 Halloween Radio Show
Join paranormal researcher, author, and podcast host Tony Lavorgne and a cast of local actors for an evening of thrilling…
Events, Performing Arts TSVP Radio Theater Podcast CHECK IT OUT




The Listening Library is a multimedia archive that captures, preserves, and shares the voices, stories, and history of Beaver County, Pennsylvania and region. 


The Listening Library of Beaver County (LLBC) is curated by The Social Voice Project. It is a publicly and privately sourced audio/visual archive of voices and stories related to Beaver County, Pennsylvania and surrounding region. Disclaimer: LLBC is intended for educational and historical purposes. This collection of audio-visual content contains digital media items and playlists already made publicly available (but not necessarily in the public domain) by their creators via internet platforms such as YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Media presented here link directly back to these platforms and original content. Content creators retain all legal responsibility for copyright control over their media, including location, manner of access, aesthetic quality, and editorial point of view. LLBC assumes no legal or financial responsibility for this publicly available content, it makes no claim of ownership, and it respects the right of content creators to remove or modify their media at any time from their publicly accessible platforms.