The Genesis Collective Podcast: Jesse Derflinger

DESCRIPTION: “On Episode 1 of The Genesis Collective Podcast, we visit with Beaver County artist Jesse Derflinger of Darlington, Pennsylvania and talk about the meaning and purpose of art. We also tour “Fallen Branches,” Jesse’s landscaped artistic collage of unusual found objects, industrial artifacts, and other fascinating curiosities surrounding his home. We also talk with …

Mark Grago: Native American (Ohio Valley) Exploration

Mark Grago YouTube playlist related to Native Americans in and around Beaver County. I Find an Indian Burial Mound? Early&Native American History of Ohioville, PA. (Beaver County, PA) The Legend of Indian Rock (South Beaver Township, Pennsylvania) How Pittsburgh Tamed The West!   RETURN TO THE LISTENING LIBRARY: BEAVER COUNTY  

Dave Welch: We Know Only Our Country

On episode 8 of the Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast, we talk with Dave Welch, historian and living descendant of the Civil War 100th Pa Volunteer Infantry Regiment, about keeping their story alive and sharing it with the public.

Charles Townsend: Underground Railroad

On episode 11 of the Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast, we talk with Beaver County historian Charles Townsend about his family’s early abolitionist activism and the Underground Railroad in Beaver County.

The Barbara Davidson Investigation

On episode 27 of Tony Lavorgne’s Legends and Lore Podcast, we go on-location to Cannelton, Pennsylvania with the Ohio Paranormal Investigation Team (OPIT) in search of Barbara Davidson (aka, the Pig Lady of Cannelton) and other spirits lingering on the 18th century log cabin homestead where Barbara was murdered and beheaded.