A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

                                                                                                   ~Marcus Garvey

One of several media initiatives available through The Social Voice Podcast Network, the Local History Podcast Initiative is developing podcast partnerships with local organizations and individuals throughout Western Pennsylvania, with plans to expand into Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia.

“So many small communities have their own museums and local history or heritage societies abundant with amazing artifacts, wonderful exhibits, and incredible stories that reveal our shared cultural heritage,” says TSVP founder and executive director, Kevin Farkas, “But these organizations struggle to get the word out about their museums.  Public interest and support for local historical societies and museums is on the decline, and many organizations will soon shut their doors if they do not do a better job attracting and inspiring the public’s interest in local history—especially our younger generation.  Using the technology of podcasting to promote local history via the internet gives these grassroots, community-based organizations new life, purpose, and a world-wide audience.”

Dave Holoweiko of Ohioville, Pennsylvania, who is a senior director of the Little Beaver Historical Society in Darlington, Pennsylvania, helps manage TSVP’s Local History Podcast Initiative.  He is a long-time local history advocate with extensive experience creating local history programming and events.  Mr. Holoweiko is also host of the very popular, Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast.

“Having local history programming available online through our podcast initiative– whether it’s discussions about exhibits, promotions of upcoming events, or interviews with local persons of interest and celebrities, our shows will educate the public and inspire people to visit the actual museums,” says Mr. Holoweiko.  “And podcasting is also a great way for small organizations without physical museums to share and celebrate their local history with the world.”

“‘History is not just something that happened long ago and far away,’” says Mr. Holoweiko, quoting the historian Thomas Noel, ‘History happens to all of us all the time. Local history brings history home; it touches your life, the life of your family, your neighborhood, your community.’  Through our Local History Podcast Initiative, we intend to make history interesting, inspiring, and relevant across the generations again within our communities.”

Whether preserving the stories of local veterans or exploring historical sites such as the Tour-Ed Coal Mine, we think our local history matters–and it should be shared with the world. After all, if we don’t respect, value, and preserve our heritage for future generations–who will?


Contact TSVP to learn more about the Local History Podcast Initiative or suggest topics for our history podcasters.



Other Local History Podcasts

  • Brattleboro Historical Society – Since its founding in 1982, the Brattleboro Historical Society has worked to shelter and share locally significant facts and artifacts so present and future generations can learn from the past.
  • The Saturday Light Brigade – SLBRadio Oral History Programs of Pittsburgh connect teens with adult role models in their communities.
  • East Bay Yesterday – East Bay history podcast that gathers, shares & celebrate stories from Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and other towns throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.
  • Grayson County Historical Society – The Grayson County Historical Society of Kentucky strives to preserve the history of the county and make its findings open for public use through a museum and research library.
  • Lorain Historical Society – The Lorain Historical Society (Loraine, Ohio) engages members of the community and visitors in their shared and diverse history through preservation, education, collaborations, and exciting programming for all ages, so that we learn from the past, develop civic pride, and transform the future.
  • Hurstories – Local history podcast written, edited, and produced by the students of Mercyhurst University’s Digital History: Storytelling class.
  • Montana Historical Society – The Montana Historical Society is the guardian of Montana’s memory. Established in 1865, the oldest institution of its kind in the West.
  • Audio Tour Ocala/Local History For Young Adults – Robin And The Giant is the stage name for Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler. They are radio hosts in Ocala, Florida, at radio station WOCA The Source 96.3 FM and 1370 AM.
  • Center for Local History, Arlington Public Library – Collecting, Preserving, Sharing our Comunity’s History.
  • Virginia Historical Society – The Virginia Historical Society (VHS) was founded in 1831, making it the fourth-oldest such institution in the nation.
  • Brooklyn Historical Society – BHS connects the past to the present and makes the vibrant history of Brooklyn tangible, relevant, and meaningful for today’s diverse communities, and for generations to come.
  • Local History Matters (a collaboration w/ Ramsey Middle School) – Southside Media Project partnership with Ramsey Middle School for students to identify local places of interest, research their history and significance, then write, record, and edit short radio segments reporting on what they found.
  • Richmond Local History (London, UK) – Exploring the history of Richmond, Kew, Petersham and Ham, United Kingdom.