MST Podcast (Ep01): Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones | There’s Hope


On episode 1 of the MST Podcast, sponsored by the Veterans Breakfast Club, host Lauren DelRicci talks with navy veteran Timothy Jones about his MST experience being raped and suffering the fallout among his peers after reporting the crime.  Timothy shares his powerful story of survival from sinking to the depths of despair, rising with hopefulness, and realizing healthfulness within a community of supportive fellow veterans in Pittsburgh.




Timothy Jones is a navy veteran and survivor of military sexual trauma.  While stationed in Japan, he was raped by a Marine.  Although Tim reported the crime, his peers hazed and harassed him to the point where he was removed from this duty station and eventually discharged from the navy.  His assailant was eventually convicted and sentenced to six months in the Brig.

In this episode, Timothy shares a powerful story of survival.  From sinking to the depths of despair and then rising with hopefulness, he now realizes healthfulness within a community of supportive fellow veterans in Pittsburgh.  But every day is a struggle, he admits, but through it all there’s hope for a better day today than yesterday.

This episode was recorded May 22, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Host: Lauren DelRicci.  Guest: Timothy Jones.  Podcast Producer: Kevin Farkas.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas, Nick Grimes.  Music (available on Panda Dog Music (“The Return of Bossa”), Zom V (“LuvStep 2011 Mini Mix”), 9 Smooth Vibe (“Soul Lounge Mix”).  Additional sound (available on Youtube):  Dept. of Defense (“Sexual Assault – Retaliation,” “Get Consent”). MST Podcast cover art: Nickie Renee Artistry.  ©MST Podcast/The Social Voice Project, Inc. All rights reserved. ©Longest War Podcast/Veterans Breakfast Club. All rights reserved.



Where our stories are told, others can unfold. The MST Podcast features hopeful conversations with survivors of military sexual trauma (MST).  Because there is a direct connection between storytelling, compassion, empathy, and healing, MST also stands for My Story Told.  Through stories we connect, we understand, and we heal.  Specifically, through stories of hope and possibility we can also inspire other veterans and trauma survivors to shift from surviving to thriving.  Our guests lead by example, they speak up about their trauma, and they reveal that what works in their lives just might work for others.  We think it’s our duty to listen and learn. Lauren DelRicci hosts the podcast.  She is a veteran of the US Navy and an MST survivor.











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