Humanity’s legacy of stories and storytelling is the most precious we have. All wisdom is in our stories.

                                                                                               ~Doris Lessing


Where our stories are told, others can unfold. The MST Podcast features hopeful conversations with survivors of military sexual trauma (MST).  Because there is a direct connection between storytelling, compassion, empathy, and healing, MST also stands for My Story Told.  Through stories we connect, we understand, and we heal.  Specifically, through stories of hope and possibility we can also inspire other veterans and trauma survivors to shift from surviving to thriving.  Our guests lead by example, they speak up about their trauma, and they reveal that what works in their lives just might work for others.  We think it’s our duty to listen and learn.

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Lauren DelRicci is the host of the My Story Told Podcast.  She is a veteran of the US Navy and MST survivor.









9 months ago
The Social Voice Project

People are often confused about podcasts and how they work, so we are frequently asked to explain this new internet-based media.

To help, we’ve created this brief Q&A guide to ... See more

10 months ago
MST Podcast (Ep03): Heath Phillips

"Manning up is going [to the navy] to demand accountability for what they've done to you." ~ Megyn Kelly, The Today Show

Heath Phillips comes from a long line of veterans. Serving was a natural ... See more

Heath Phillips | Reach Into the Darkness   On episode 3 of the MST Podcast, we talk with navy veteran Heath Phillips about his MST experience, dealing with the shame of being a male survivor, …

11 months ago
MST Podcast (Ep02): Amanda Le’Anne Brunzel

The worst day of my life was when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor . . . and I was raped by a fellow sailor. ~Amanda Le’Anne Brunzell

On episode 2 of the MST Podcast, we talk with Amanda ... See more

Amanda Le’Anne Brunzel | Dreamer   On episode 2 of the MST Podcast, we talk with Amanda Le’Anne Brunzell about her MST experience in the navy, years of traumatic silence, and how s…

11 months ago
The Social Voice Project

Coming soon to the TSVP Podcast Network!

Join us for Episode 2 of the MST PODCAST with host and navy veteran, Lauren DelRicci. On this soon to be released episode, we discuss hope and recovery ... See more

11 months ago
'A sense of validation': After nearly 30 years, U.S. Navy admits it ignored sailor's sexual assault | CBC Radio

My fellow sailor, Heath Phillips is gaining national attention for the horror he endured during his service. Heath bares his soul for the MST cause. We recorded a hopeful segment with him recently, ... See more

The U.S. Navy has reversed a decades-old decision to issue an "other than honorable" discharge to Heath Phillips — who says he was sexually and physically abused multiple times before going AWOL.

1 year ago
A Safe Space

When our stories are told, others can unfold.

The MST Podcast features hopeful conversations with survivors of military sexual trauma (MST). ... See more



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