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Council Meeting Minutes

July 2019 to February 2024

These meeting minutes are sourced directly from documents published on the official West Mayfield borough website.

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CCWM's Change Agenda: Proposed Legislation

Monthly Action Agendas

Note: This calendar is a guide for citizens to help better understand council’s legislative agenda (the business it conducts during public meetings). This is not an official government document created by borough council, nor is it a governmental public record such as meeting agendas or minutes.  

Recorded Public Meetings

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CCWM Public Meeting Recording Series

Concerned Citizens of West Mayfield produces a civics audio/video series for the benefit of the community, especially those who cannot attend public meetings. Our goals is to record public meetings of government (regular and special council meetings) and citizens’ meetings (town halls, informative workshops, and other forums about our community’s issues and concerns). 

Check out our recordings of town halls, workshops, and other citizens activities on our Civics page.

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