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Essays and Thoughts on Local Government, Citizen Democracy, and Civics

Citizens' Democracy Audit

Our Local Government Must . . .

Follow the Law, Borough Code, Ordinances

Hold Proper Public Meetings

Conduct Open & Transparent Business

Keep & Provide Access to Public Records

Respond to Citizens' Concerns

A type of audit that we think is as important as any other ensures that local government is being managed according to principles and best practices of good governance: it’s called the citizens’ democracy audit.
We start by paying closer attention to how our local government conducts business in accordance with the law, democratic ethics, and respect for the interests and well-being of citizens first and foremost.  Local government should be open and transparent so that citizens can understand its workings to ensure that nothing illegal, unethical, or self-serving is happening in the name of the people or with taxpayers’ money.
We citizens have Constitutional and statutory power protecting our right to oversee local government activities (think of the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech and the press, and our state’s Right-To-Know Law and Sunshine Act). We have a right–an obligation, really–to concern ourselves with the workings of local government, including publicly examining how it functions and critiquing the performance and actions of our elected officials, appointed officers, and others who serve the public.
We encourage the citizens of West Mayfield to become active auditors of democracy. We have more than enough tools and resources to do it–the CCWM public forum being one of them.

CCWM Civics Video Series

Concerned Citizens of West Mayfield produces a civics video series for the benefit of the community. Our goals is to record public meetings of government (regular and special council meetings) and citizens’ meetings (town halls, informative workshops, and other forums about our community’s issues and concerns). 

Check out our recordings of government public meetings on our Good Governance page.

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Town Hall Meetings

Citizen Workshops

Penn State Extension Video Series on Civics

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