Concerned Citizens of West Mayfield

Change Agenda Roll Out

CCWM begins releasing its “change agenda” proposed legislation to help council address long-standing issues in the borough. TAKE A LOOK

State Compliance Audit: West Mayfield Firemen's Relief Association

Pennsylvania State Audior General warns Relief Association: Problems may lead to a total withholding of state aid in the future. READ THE REPORT

POV: The Quality of Borough Public Safety Affects Property Values & Insurance

. . . We think our community’s ISO Fire Rating should be a matter of public record, as it not only pertains to our publicly funded fire service provider the West Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department, but it is also a measure of council’s statutory duty to oversee the fire service and adequate public works infrastructure such as water supply for fire fighting. READ THE POST BELOW

Good Governance

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Public Safety

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Laws & Legal

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Citizen Action


Grassroots Democracy
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What is CCWM?

Concerned Citizens of West Mayfield (CCWM) is a non-governmental, citizen-led forum discussing concerns and actionable solutions to issues facing residents of the community. This effort is best described as a grass-roots, local democracy movement. CCWM’s mission is to help better organize and give voice to our civic concerns, including improving good governance, public safety, citizen participation, and ways we might re-imagine who we are as a community entering our next 100 years.