Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast – Episode 34

Tom Davidson & Gwen Titley | Veterans of Beaver Valley

On episode 34 of Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast, we have a conversation with Tom Davidson and Gwen Titley, part of the creative team producing the Veterans of Beaver Valley oral history series of The Beaver County Times.




When the travelling replica of the Vietnam War memorial came to Beaver, Pennsylvania in 2015, local newspaper editor Patrick O’Shea and journalist Tom Davidson of The Beaver County Times were so moved by the experience, especially the public’s interest in veterans’ stories, they wanted to honor veterans themselves by using their newspaper as a platform to capture and share the experiences of local veterans.

Shortly thereafter, the Veterans of Beaver Valley series was launched, profiling local veterans of all eras and branches of service through multimedia presentations in print and through digital online media.

To date, Tom Davidson and his team–including videographer Gwen Titley and a host of still photographers and digital media specialists–have preserved the stories of more than twenty-six veterans.  The Veterans of Beaver Valley series continues to enjoys immense popularity with local veterans and the community.

This episode was recorded November 18, 2016.  It is a production of The Social Voice Podcast Network.  Host: Kevin Farkas.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas.  Images  & interview audio courtesy of Veterans of Beaver Valley/Beaver County Times, including the voices of veterans Pat Cody, Charles Gilbert, Elda Lamia, Pete Marovich, Michael Thellman, Lewis Villa, Carl Walpusk, Michelle Wilcox, and Alex Yawor.  ©Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast/The Social Voice Project, Inc.  All rights reserved.




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