Average Addicts Podcast (Ep05): Get Good at It

Shay Hartle & WititWednesday | Get Good at It

(This episode contains explicit language/subject matter)



On episode 5 of The Average Addicts Podcast, we talk about drug influences and addiction in the entertainment industry, falling from high places, and getting good at what you’re good at.

This episode was recorded January 24, 2018 in Rochester, Pennsylvania.  Host: Chris Knight.  Guest: Shay Hartle, Seth Whitted.  Podcast Producer: Kevin Farkas.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas. Music (available on SoundCloud.com): WitiWednesday (“Die For You”), PopER1, DJ Gil Lugo (“Old & New School Hip Hop Mini Mix), CCN3 (“Beat 4 [519]”), Csus (“Hip Hop Instrumental.” Music (available on YouTube.com): Royalty Free Music (“The Awards Show”). ©The Average Addicts Podcast/The Social Voice Project, Inc. All rights reserved.






On The Average Addicts Podcast we talk openly about addiction.  We interview addicts, dealers, law enforcement, treatment experts and everyone in between, sharing honest and sometimes comical stories of our real life experiences.  Join us on our journey up and down the steps to sobriety and become part of a supportive community of recovering addicts who will lift you up when you are on the verge of a relapse, prevent those who’ve never used from starting, and anyone playing that game to exit. This is real life. We are the “Average Addicts” of America.  We’ve been there. Done it. And we’ve got stories to tell.

Chris Knight is a native of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.  He is a former army staff sergeant, cage fighter, and currently a recovering substance abuser. In addition to hosting the podcast, he also hosts “The Daily Wrap Up” on his social media channel, At Least I’m Average Vlogcast.  Chris’ shows are inspired by personal experiences riding the roller coaster of addiction and sobriety. He has been featured in documentaries on Public Television, and he is a rising star within nationally known recovery and sobriety movements.






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