Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast – Episode 20

John Barber, Kathy Swazuk, Melissa Marinaro | Memoir, Poetry, and Oral History

On Episode 20 of Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast, we talk about writing veterans stories with author John Barber,  poet Kathie Swazuk, and oral history curator Melissa Molinaro.



On our October 2015 episode of Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast, we have a three conversations about veterans writing stories.  First, Vietnam veteran John Barber talks about his book, Vietnam Requiem, which is featured on the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh website; Vietnam veteran and poet Kathy Swayzuk’s reads from Wartorn Heart, reliving her experiences as an army nurse; and Melissa Molinaro of the Senator John Heinz History Center talks about the process of producing veterans’ oral history transcriptions.


This episode was recorded October 15, 2015. Host: Kevin Farkas. Audiography: Kevin Farkas. Guests: Bryan Chemini, John Barber, Kathy Swazuk, Melissa Marinaro. Music (available on “Actionable,” “Badass,” “Betterdays,” “Happyrock,” “Cute.”  Music: (available on Raccoon Uniforms (“Piano Simple 1”). Additional sound (available on “Pentagon’s ‘Burn a Book Day’: War memoir destroyed as ‘security threat,” “Caine Mutiny – Greenwald confronts Keefer,” “A Conversation with Tim O’Brien on Writing & War,” “Ron Kovic Speaking About Springsteen At the Kennedy Center Honors,” “Regeneration (1997) – Writing war poetry,”  “The Veterans Writing Workshop at the Writers Guild Foundation,” “Kenny McAnally – Life After Service: North Idaho Veterans Writing as Therapy.” ©Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast/The Social Voice Project, Inc.  All rights reserved.




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