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October 14, 2023

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Beaver County History Podcast: Local Folklore with Michael Kishbucher

On episode 24 of the Beaver County History Podcast, we talk with folklorist, author, and Beaver County native Michael Kishbucher about the Pig Lady of Cannelton tale, the importance of capturing, preserving, and sharing local folklore, and we talk about his latest book, The Appalachian Legend of the Wizard Clip:America’s First Poltergeist. In this episode we also preview the 2023 Pig Lady Fall Folklore Celebration.

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The Pig Lady and other folk tales show why recording stories matters

DARLINGTON, Pa. — More than 200 years after her life ended, Barbara Davidson is still captivating people. Back in her day, the 1790s, she was known as a beautiful and sociable young lady who attracted many suitors.

Today, more people probably know her for what happened after she died. She’s the Pig Lady, the ghost of a murdered woman who wears the head of a pig in place of her missing human head. Or sometimes she’s just a ghost without a head. Sometimes she’s just a floating head. [READ THE ARTICLE . . . ]