Who Killed Local History?

The Legion Ville Story


Coming Soon

Coming soon on the Beaver County History Podcast, we examine a century of valiant but ineffectual historical preservation efforts aimed at General Anthony Wayne’s  1792 Legion Ville military training encampment along the Ohio River in present day Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

We’ll explore the topic using the heuristic lenses of historical culture to better understand how Beaver Countians have and still do think about, value, and engage local history and social movement theory as a way to analyze and evaluate how Legion Ville’s multiple preservation efforts have been organized. What social, political, and economic resources were organized and mobilized. Who led these efforts as individuals, organizations, and affinity networks? What were their goals and objectives? What were their successes? What barriers did they face?      

Ultimately, we’ll draw upon these lessons from the past to help inform current and future Legion Ville preservation efforts, such as combining forces with the neighboring Logs Town site best known as a stop on Washington’s Trail of 1753, as well as Native American significance during America’s western frontier era and archeologically father back in time.