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Wilson Cemetery, Big Beaver Boro, PA, Beaver County, PA
 Creator: Mark Grago  Category: Visualscapes  Publisher: Mark Grago  : 01 Mar, 2016 Tags:cemetery | Mark Grago | Wilson Cemetery (Big Beaver) | CHECK IT OUT

In the year 1799, a group of Scotch-Irish settlers acquired land and created a Presbyterian congregation in the village of Greersburg (now Darlington, PA) in Beaver County, PA. Without having materials at the time to build with, they constructed a “tent” church along the stretch of Little Beaver Creek. Early Beaver County settlers William and Leannah Wilson, along with family and friends, eventually formed the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church at this location. Subsequently, a few burials were made at this site resulting in the creation of the present cemetery. A considerable time later, the congregation abandoned this place for their church and moved a few times in the following years; the heart of Darlington became their official residence. This cemetery is located on Route 168 between Darlington and New Galilee, Beaver County, PA. (The cemetery is also referred to as The Wilson Cemetery after the original settlers of the location.)