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RiverWise: Monaca Sustainability video series
 Creator: Human City Creative  Category: Communities, Environmental Issues, Government  Publisher: RiverWise  : 15 Apr, 2021 Tags:environment | Human City Creative | Monaca | playlists | renewable engery | RiverWise | CHECK IT OUT

Did you know that Monaca is doing some of the most progressive things in the region related to sustainable municipal practices? To help tell this story, RiverWise (with the help of Human City Creative) is launching a series called “Monaca Sustainability.” The series will include half a dozen or so videos that tell this ongoing story of regional stewardship. It’s one of many fantastic stories that are shaping our region.

Did you realize that Monaca Borough uses about 180 solar panels to generate much of the electricity necessary to pump water required for its municipal water supply? The municipal cost of installing those panels was about $75,000, while the return on that investment is over $200,000.