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Riots by Metalworkers On Strike At Ambridge, Pennsylvania (1933)
 Creator: British Pathé  Category: Events, Local History, Social Issues  Publisher: British Pathé  : 03 Apr, 2014 Tags:Ambridge | labor strike | local history | organized labor | riot | Steel and Metal Workers Industrial Union | steel workers | unions | CHECK IT OUT

Iron and steel workers on strike. Sign in background reads “Steel and Metal Workers Industrial Union”. Some of the men are carrying sticks. A car pulls up and armed men get out, they talk with the strikers who shout at them to go away. More armed men (wearing arm bands) walk down the street guns held at the ready. One of the armed men takes a stick from one of the strikers and hits him with it. The strikers shout at this action. The men with arm bands start moving the strikers back and then the two sides start beating each other. The men with guns then start firing – both live rounds and tear gas. The Sheriff speaks to the camera to explain his actions in the riot. He says he pleaded with the men to get off the picket line. The law must be enforced.


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