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Hail, Pennsylvania!
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Until 1990 the song served as the official song for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Hail, Pennsylvania!” is a song written by Edgar M. Dilley (Class of 1897) as a submission to a University of Pennsylvania alumni committee-sponsored contest to write a song to the tune of “God Save the Tsar!“, the national anthem of Imperial Russia, by Alexei Fyodorovich Lvov. Edgar Dilley, the song’s writer, was awarded $25 for creating it. It served as the regional anthem of Pennsylvania until 1990 and now serves as the municipal anthem of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

Edgar M. Dilley was an assistant director with The University of Pennsylvania Glee Club. The piece was first performed by his group at its annual concert at the Academy of Music in 1895. For many years, the song was performed at Franklin Field, when the football team suffered a loss. Today, the song is still performed at University functions and sporting events by The University of Pennsylvania Band and The University of Pennsylvania Glee Club.

Aside from becoming the Alma Mater of the University of Pennsylvania, the song also serves as the official song of Lackawanna County.


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L’vov, Alekseĭ Fedorovich — ComposerPeerless Quartet — Vocal GroupBurr, Henry — Vocalist — Tenor VocalDilley, Edgar M. — LyricistCollins, Arthur — Vocalist — Baritone VocalCampbell, Albert — Vocalist — Tenor VocalMeyer, John H. — Vocalist — Bass Vocal