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Doz Guyz – “Minds To Follow” Music Video
 Creator: Doz Guyz  Category: Performing Arts  Publisher: Amanda Zamiska  : 14 Sep, 2011 Tags:Beaver County Music Heritage Project | Burt Mamula | Doz Guyz band | George Palombo | guitar | music | music video | CHECK IT OUT

Doz Guyz are two men, Burt (with the curly black hair) and George (with no hair). They come from Beaver county and have been playing as an acoustic duo of covers and some originals for a while.

As a fun music video-turned-school project venture, I set out to film and produce a music video for them. First, we went into the studio and recorded all the layers of their song. I went into Adobe Audition for all the post-production of the song. Then, I headed up the operation with fellow cameraperson Rodrick Reese, met the Guyz on the shore of the Ohio River in Sewickley, and got to work.

This  recording has been inducted into the Beaver County Music Heritage Project and the Listening Library of Beaver County.