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Carl Davidson: Rag Radio 2018-03-09 – Leading Leftist Thinker Carl Davidson on the Curious State of the World!
 Creator: Thorne Dreyer  Category: Commentary, Political Issues  Publisher: Rag Radio  : 09 Mar, 2018 Tags:democracy | Democratic Party | Progressive Democrats of America | progressive politics | public figure | CHECK IT OUT

Thorne Dreyer’s guest, Carl Davidson, is a leading leftist thinker and political organizer and longtime friend and colleague — and every year or two we ask him to meld minds with us, hoping he might have a better handle than we do on what’s going on in this crazy world.

What did Carl want to talk about this week?

“What’s on my mind? That’s a dangerous question. Trump’s Meltdown and the dangers with it, trying to find a good handle to engage the Next Left with solid revolutionary education, the new book Ramp Hollow, which does a wonderful neo-Marxist analysis of Appalachia, the Netflix series Babylon Berlin which I binged thru, and the new film The Young Karl Marx, which you MUST see!”

And we cover a lot more than that!

Carl Davidson is co-chair of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, a national board member of Solidarity Economy Network, and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. He was the founder of the Online University of the Left and is a local Beaver County, Pennsylvania, member of Steelworkers Associates. Carl works with the Progressive Democrats of America and was a founder of Progressives for Obama. Carl is the author of several books, is a contributor to The Rag Blog and a frequent guest on Rag Radio, and also blogs at Keep On Keepin’ On. In the 1960s, Davidson was a leader of the New Left, serving as Vice President and National Secretary of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and was a writer and editor at the (U.S.) Guardian newsweekly.