German Beaver County

Willkommen in der Gemeinde New Sewickley


The earliest church in the township is the Unionville United Methodist, founded prior to 1842. Oak Grove Lutheran Church was formed in 1873. The House Of Mercy Lutheran Church was founded in Crow’s Run in 1878 by Dr. William Passavant. Burry’s Church, the United Evangelist Protestant St. Johns Congregation, dates back to 1855. The present building occupies an imposing hilltop position in the eastern part of the township. 

Source: Beaver County Bicentennial Atlas

Wagner Church (c. 1900)

Trinity United Evangelical Protestant Church

Trinity United Evangelical Protestant (Wagner’s) Church, organized in 1858, used this building as a worship center for about fifty years. The congregation ceased to exist circa 1905. Seen here is the Wagner Church, circa 1900. The Wagner Church and cemetery were adjacent to the Oak Grove Cemetery on Klein Road (New Sewickley, PA.). Congregation records were translated from German to English by Pastor Paul Miller Ruff and are available at the Baltzer Meyer Historical Society (Greensburg, Penn.). The original records are stored at Thiel College (Greenville, Penn.) (Source: Ron Goehring, Growing Up in New Sewickley Facebook group)