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Alle-Kiski Chronicle Podcast



The Alle-Kiski Chronicle Podcast explores and showcases topics celebrating the cultural, industrial, and ethnic heritage of the Allegheny and Kiskiminetas River valleys in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society is a non-profit, permanent institution committed to acquiring, preserving, and professionally exhibiting historically relevant material that illustrates the history of the region; developing and facilitating cooperative partnerships among organizations with a similar mission; providing educational and outreach opportunities for the public; and serving as a catalyst for the private and public preservation, rehabilitation and/or adaptive re-use of historic sites.

Contact the Alle-Kiski Chronicle Podcast

Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society | 224 East Seventh Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084 | Call: (724) 224-7666 | Email: akvhs@salsgiver.com








6 months ago
The Social Voice Project

You want history as is or how you want it to be?

7 months ago
Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast

Today there are only a few Pearl Harbor survivors left to tell their stories, and soon their voices will go silent forever.

When the time comes, only their stories will remain--but only if we've ... See more

The Last Voices of Pearl Harbor Survivors

“I was a bad kid,” Alex recalls, and so it was probably with great relief that the nuns shipped him off to the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) as soon ... See more

7 months ago
The Social Voice Project

Storytellers such as film directors are maestros of narrative experience, taking us through time and space, colorizing, and giving it texture, and finishing their stories with moral or object ... See more

7 months ago
The Social Voice Project


Capturing, preserving, and sharing the oral histories of our local first responders would give us all a better understanding of the incredible risks taken and ... See more

8 months ago
Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen." ~J.K. Rowling

Every veteran has a story to tell. On Veterans Day, listen. Here are some of the most heartfelt moments from our veterans’ oral ... See more

8 months ago
Rescued Miner Returns To Quecreek Mine For 15th Anniversary

A big thanks to Springdale Free Public Library for recently hosting a community talk by Joseph Sbaffoni.

In 2002, Mr. Sbaffoni was a deep-mine safety expert with the state Department of ... See more

It was 15 years ago – July 27, 2002 – when nine trapped miners were finally brought to the surface, and one of the rescued miners returned to the site for th...

8 months ago
The Social Voice Project

Let’s face it, it is disingenuous at best for us to say we value the stories of veterans (and others in our community), proclaiming they should be recorded and preserved for history and future ... See more

9 months ago
Tony Lavorgne's Legends & Lore Podcast

NEW EPISODE! The Pig Lady Festival (2019)

On episode 26 of Tony Lavorgne's Legends and Lore Podcast, we go on-location to Darlington, Pennsylvania to cover the 2019 Pig Lady Festival, hosted by ... See more

9 months ago
AVH Podcast (Ep07) – Jim Thomas – AKVHS

On episode 7 of the Allegheny Valley History Podcast, we visit with Jim Thomas of the Allegheny Valley Historical Society & Museum in Tarentum, Pennsylvania. We talk about the origins of the museum, ... See more

Jim Thomas Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society & Museum On episode 7 of the Allegheny Valley History Podcast, we visit with Jim Thomas of the Allegheny Valley Historical Society & Mus…

9 months ago
Bruna Riccobon: Memoirs of a Refugee Girl

WWII came to northeastern Italy and the coastal city of Trieste long before the Germans did. As early as 1940 Fascist Italian rulers were eliminating nationalist and anti-Fascist Italians and ... See more

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