TMC Podcast (Ep07) – 2019 Hall of Achievement Reception

Larry Bruno Foundation 

2019 Hall of Achievement Reception



On episode 7 of The Magical Coach Podcast, we present the 2019 Hall of Achievement Reception honoring James Carbone, Jenna Chirichetti, Khalil Frazier, Margaret Townsend, Caleb Wright (Larry Bruno Foundation Scholarship Award); Tristian Robert Hall (Livingston Memorial Scholarship); Matt Nance (Nardelli Award for Community Service); Charles Jones (Reed Award for Community Development) as well as honoring past and present Larry Bruno Foundation Circle of Achievement Inductees.

The Magical Coach Podcast is hosted by the Larry Bruno Foundation and features stories and community profiles of great coaches and student athletes.  For more, visit The Magical Coach website.


This episode was recorded July 26, 2019 at the Ramada in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Executive Producer: Kevin Farkas.  Audiography: Kevin Farkas. Music (available on Prism Shard (“Arcology Podcast Intro Music”),Between Kingdoms (“2.26.2014 dreamy”).  Available on Ghost FX (“Trumpets”).  Other sounds (Available on YouTube): Larry Bruno Foundation (“In Memoriam of Beaver Falls Athletes & Supporters,” “Carnegie Library of Beaver Falls & Pro Football HOF Historic Hometown Plaque”). ©The Magical Coach Podcast/The Larry Bruno Foundation. All rights reserved.