Event Recording & Live Sound




TSVP is a professional, turn-key audio producer specializing in conferences, panel discussions, speaking engagements, lectures, and banquets.  We are capable of handling all aspects of this type of live sound production, from venue sound to recording to creation of audio captures of events.



TSVPs’ live sound setups are typically multi-point speaker designs to endure clarity and fidelity throughout any venue.  We take special care to ensure that the elderly and persons with hearing issues can listen in comfort.

We use Electro-Voice, Kustom, Peavey, and Mackey mains, subs, fills, and monitor speakers.  Additionally, we process audio dynamics using a variety of inboard and outboard gear, including Focusrite, PreSonus, and Cloud Lifter preamps, Sound Craft mixers, and dbx audio compressors/noise gates, and feedback suppression.

Our mic locker includes industry standard dynamic and condenser favorites, such as Shure, Electro-Voice, Neumann, MXL,  Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Rode, and Sanken microphones. Depending on recording needs, we use wired, wireless, table-top, boom, or lavalier mics.

Unlike most live sound providers, TSVP provides event recording and editing services to capture not only the main action and speakers, but also the audience using a variety of stereo imaging techniques.  We always record using multi-track, uncompressed HD audio, and our recording decks include Sound Devices, Roland, and ZOOM field recorders.

TSVP also provides location sound (field work or post-production editing) for videographers who want exceptional off-camera audio tracking of weddings, banquets, conferences or ENG events using close miking, handheld, or boom techniques.



Our goal is always to deliver the very best audio quality possible.  TSVP works closely with clients to provide the best possible service–from start to finish–that fits their media goals and budget.  Our audio projects are custom designed and produced to professional media standards, therefore each project is priced independently according to those specifics.


If you need live sound or audio recording services for your event but don’t know where to begin, contact us and we’ll talk about how we can help.