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The Shadow of the Sphinx
Creator: Kevin Farkas Category: Performing Arts Publisher: The Social Voice Project Published: 18 Aug, 2020 Tags:local theater | R-ACT Theatre Productions | CHECK IT OUT

Never before seen studio version of The Shadow of the Sphinx, subsequently adapted for R-ACT’s stage production of Murder at the Movies.

The Shadow of the Sphinx
Producer, Director, Writer: Larry Spinnenweber
Producer & Assistant Director: Dave Holoweiko
Cinematographer, Editor: Kevin Farkas
Assistant Cinematographer: Bryan Chemini
Film Crew:
1st Camera: Isaac Shuppas
2nd Camera: Jeff Bell
3rd Camera: Bryan Chemini
Lighting: Bryan Chemini, Kevin Farkas
Props: David Holoweiko, Jonathan Zelezniak
Cast: Douglas Donahue: Nicholas Slapikas
Lady Amelia: Bridget Yeager
Edgar Blackwell: Kelsey Steele
Lila: Jenn Rian
Tall Henchman: Nicholas Mohrbacher
Short Henchman: Larry Spinnenweber
Produced in association with The Social Voice Project.
Filmed ub January 2020 on location at Segriff Studios, Rochester, Pennsylvania.
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