Media Production Service


We believe in the important work of nonprofits and public-focused projects that promote the humanities and creative arts, and we want to support their missions through our media production services, such as audiography, photography, videography, and live sound support.


TSVP is a turnkey media operation; we handle all technical aspects of podcasting, including:

  • on-location, studio-quality recording
  • professional-grade audio equipment such as microphones, headphones, signal processing, multi-track recording, live-streaming gear, and PA sound systems for live-events
  • sound design and premium podcast editing
  • podcast hosting and publishing to the internet

Podcast-Partnership Cooperative

Our innovative approach to podcasting is centered on working with our content partners to create audio projects in support their missions.  We bring our expertise in audio production and our partners bring the talent and content that reaches the audiences they serve and know best.  Together, our goal is to create audio programming that is value-added and revenue-generating.

Our Podcast Partnership shares revenue generated from our podcasts–whether it is from direct advertising, donations, sponsorships, or underwriting.  We use a progressive, sliding scale based on amounts raised to support the production of the podcast, but our commitment is that our content partners always receive a share of the revenue.

 Retail Media Service

For those who prefer a typical “fee-for-service” relationship, TSVP offers a variety of media production services based on professional industry-standard commercial rates.