Hear the Tale of The Pig Lady of Cannelton

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Bonfire & Ghost Tales

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Tony Lavorgne

Specializing in obscure paranormal and anthropological topics, Tony Lavorgne is an accomplished researcher, author, and public speaker on the subject of local legends and lore throughout Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio.  He is the author of Astonishing Tales of Pennsylvania, co-author of Haunted Roads of Western Pennsylvania, and featured in Supernatural Lore of Pennsylvania: Ghosts, Monsters and Miracles.

Tony also hosts Tony Lavorgne’s Legends & Lore Podcast, produced in Beaver County by The Social Voice Project.




5p: Welcome to the Festival 

6p: Games & Food

Face painting, bobbing for apples, relay race, costume contest and more.  Fall festival comfort food from the Little Beaver Historical Society.

8p: Bonfire & Ghost Tales

9p: Movie Under the Stars





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