TSVP Community Partnerships

PITTSBURGH – December 19, 2020 – This past year The Social Voice Project helped create new working relationships with local media makers and community organizations.

TSVP executive producer Kevin Farkas partnered with Erin Ninehouse (Rustbelt Mayberry Photography) and Christopher Padgett (Human City Creative) to form The Listening Library: Beaver County–a collaboratively produced multimedia archive of stories, conversations, and photographs that explore, share and reveal Beaver County’s historic heritage, social diversity, creativity, environmental richness, and community spirit.

LLBC tells stories that challenge community stereotypes of people and places; celebrate the dignity and value of individuals by raising up Beaver County voices and visions; support communities’ efforts to achieve justice and equity and solve their own problems in their own ways, and raise up voices that are unheard or overlooked.

Working through the Listening Library: Beaver County, TSVP also partnered with RiverWise  for a pandemic-related project “to document the stories of Beaver County people and organizations who are helping others in this season of growing need.”

Beaver County-based RiverWise is a non-profit effort that focuses on sustainable community development practices creating and building a regional identity around the rivers of Beaver County.

During 2020, TSVP also struck up a radio theater collaboration with the Saltworks Theatre Company. Based in Pittsburgh since 1981, Saltworks is a non-profit, professional arts company which addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children, youth, and families through the creation and performance of contemporary dramatic works.


Beaver County History Podcast Looking for Host & Co-Producer 

BEAVER COUNTY, PA – January 25, 2021 – The Social Voice Project is looking to include new voices and perspectives on local history in Beaver County, Pennsylvania–and surrounding region.  

The Beaver County History Podcast  promotes and celebrates Beaver County’s rich heritage and history through wide-ranging conversations with public historians, such as local museum directors, curators, tour guides, re-enactors, educators, authors, storytellers, filmmakers, and others who help keep local history alive for current and future generations. 

The podcast is also dedicated to capturing, preserving, and sharing the voices and stories of our time through community oral histories and documenting local folktales, legends, and lore–including local ghost stories and other culturally significant tales of the paranormal. 

We want to take this podcast to the next level, so we are seeking a creative, talented, and qualified podcast host who is also interested in co-producing the show.  Here are our goals: 

    • Raise awareness of the significance of local history
    • Entertain, educate, and inspire the public toward new understandings of local history
    • Reach younger and more diverse audiences
    • Emphasize cultural and social history 
    • Include and value more diverse local histories 
    • Promote local history museums and historical societies 
    • Develop media partnerships with local museums and historical societies
    • Make the podcast more sustainable through sponsorships, advertising, and other funding  

What we’re looking for in a podcast host 

We’re looking for someone on “the talent side ” of things with both history and media experience to represent the podcast as host. Must have good performance, storytelling, and interview skills.   

What we’re looking for in a co-producer

We’re looking for someone on “the production/business side” of things who can create show ideas, contact potential guests, and help arrange production opportunities. A co-producer also helps find funding sources for the podcast.   

For more information and to apply, visit:

Beaver County History Podcast – Looking for Host & Co-Producer

TSVP Podcasting Gains World Wide Reach 

PITTSBURGH -December 15, 2020 – The TSVP Podcast Network, Western Pennsylvania’s oldest podcasting platforms dedicated to community-oriented, nonprofit, and local history content, recently surpassed forty-two thousand downloads since launching its flagship website The Social Voice Project in May 2016.


Featured Oral History

Starting nearly a decade ago with its award-winning project, Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative, The Social Voice Project continues to capture, preserve, and share the voices and stories of our time. TSVP works with local historical societies and museums to become centers of oral history in their communities. Learn more about TSVP oral history programs.


During Pandemic TSVP Continues to Support Community Theater

PITTSBURGH – December 26, 2020 – Since 2014 The Social Voice Project has been supporting and promoting the performing arts throughout Western Pennsylvania by producing fund-raising projects in the rare radio theater format.

Through its Radio Theater Podcast, TSVP has collaborated with local theater and community groups such as R-ACT Theatre Productions, Merrick Art Gallery, Rochester Area Heritage Society, McKeesport Little Theater, Saltworks Theatre Company, and most recently the Little Beaver Historical Society.

TSVP is one of the few media producers specializing in the often-beloved but rare radio theater genre, providing a wide range of technical and creative services ranging from live theater recording to post-production sound design and editing.


TSVP’s Audio “Fix-It” Series Demonstrates Benefits of Editing Sound Recorded on the Internet 

PITTSBURGH, January 2, 2021 – On this episode of the TSVP Audio “Fix-It” Series, we talk about issues with recorded internet sound. We present a “before and after” comparison of four clips. But audio engineering and editing can be very technical work, as demonstrated on the TSVP audio engineering, editing, and repair page. TSVP helps media producers who want to upgrading their audio recording sound program or need help in “fixing” audio tracks.


TSVP Provides Technical Support to Podcasters & Sound Producers 

PITTSBURGH, December 21, 2020 – The old saying among media producers is that audiences will forgive poor video, but not bad audio. This is especially true for podcast audiences.  TSVP’s podcast audio engineering and editing program recognizes that sound quality really does matter, and it’s a major difference between amateur and professional-grade productions. But audio engineering and editing can be very technical work, as demonstrated on the TSVP audio engineering, editing, and repair page. TSVP helps media producers who want to upgrading their audio recording sound program or need help in “fixing” audio tracks.


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