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Veterans Breakfast Club: Beaver County (Seven Oaks)
 Creator: Veterans Breakfast Club  Category: Community Stories, Events  Publisher: The Social Voice Project  : 25 Sep, 2013 Tags:Beaver County | community storytelling | oral history | Pittsburgh | Seven Oaks Country Club | Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast | veterans | Vietnam | WW II | CHECK IT OUT

The mission of the Veterans Breakfast Club is to create communities of listening around veterans and their stories. We accomplish this through public storytelling programs where veterans of all eras can share their memories and build camaraderie, as well as through oral history interviews where their stories can be captured, preserved, and shared for future generations. This breakfast event was attended by over 75 veterans, family, and friends of veterans. The event was recorded live by the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative on September 25, 2013 at Seven Oaks Country Club, Beaver County, PA. It features local veterans Tony Sercel, Robert Rose, Jerry Fisher, George Tita, Earl Cole, Henry Hofstot, Jim Pappas, Rich Tindell, and many more.  Host: Todd DePastino.  Audio: Kevin Farkas.