R-ACT Theatre Productions (YouTube channel)
Creator: R-ACT Theatre Productions Category: Performing Arts Publisher: R-ACT Theatre Productions Published: 18 Apr, 2021 Media Type: video Tags:local theater | R-ACT Theatre Productions | radio drama | Rochester | Listen/Watch

For over 20 years R-ACT has been a community of creative and motivated artists who work and play to keep the arts alive in Beaver County and beyond. R-ACT is a non-profit community theatre group established in 1992 and has produced over 100 productions. From musicals like Gypsy to comedy staples such as Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, and in house written productions, R-ACT has been the home to many talented performers, directors and artists. With at least 4 productions per year, internal fundraising events and member meetings, R-ACT members are always keeping busy to make sure that the institution of local theatre and creative camaraderie stays strong. We have open arms to anyone that has a love of theatre, whether it be acting, producing, directing, or working behind the scenes. Please subscribe to our Stage and Street Newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be in the know about all of our shows!


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