Cheers! Do you have a favorite neighborhood bar where everybody knows your name?

Welcome to the Lewis Live! Bar Talk Podcast, a funny and interesting new podcast with famed radio personality Frank Lewis featuring legendary local bars and pubs, exploring their history and culture, celebrating notable foods and drinks, and sharing colorful stories and interviews with local patrons and celebrities.

“Almost every neighborhood has its own version of Cheers,” says Frank, referring to the fictional television bar where a cast of colorful locals would meet to drink, relax, and socialize.

“In my own hometown there is the Corner Tavern, one of those legendary rough, blue collar, mill gate establishments that served guys working all three shifts at the steel plant. But it was also a family place where we all went before weddings, after funerals, every Friday night for fish sandwiches, and to watch the Steelers play on Sundays.”

“And the Corner Tavern has been that way for as long as I can remember,” Frank recalls fondly. “The place has always been a central part of our community, full of local history and tradition. In fact,” Frank says, “when you stop by the Corner Tavern to meet up with your friends and neighbors to catch up on life and share some stories, you still have to belly up to the bar—literally—because there aren’t any barstools. Now that’s old school!”

So stay tuned for the the Lewis Live! Bar Talk Podcast. We’re going to visit the famous Corner Tavern and discover many other neighborhood establishments where, as the song says, everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.







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