Jenn Rian | Mary Luke Pringle

David Cary | Philip Pringle

Zak Mitrecic | Dan Luke

Jim Kappas | Martin Pringle Jr.

Jack Puskar | multiple roles

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Join us for a dramatic, radio-style performance of “Soldier, Come Home!” performed before a live audience at the Merrick Art Gallery in New Brighton, Pennsylvania.  Soldier, Come Home! brings to life the historical letters (1859 – 1865) of Frank Wicks’ great-grandparents, Philip and Mary Pringle, as well as other members from his Western Pennsylvania family.

The long-held family letters, discovered in a shoe box in the attic of the Wicks family home, give as a deeply personal and intimate look into the life of one American family.  From the home front farm to the battlefields of Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Appomattox, this deeply moving play for voices reveals the hardships so many families endured during America’s most costly war.


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On episode 1 of the Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast, we talk with LBHS board member Dave Holoweiko about the society’s presentation of Soldier, Come Home, a play written by Frank W. Wicks based on the Civil War letters of his great-grandparents, Philip and Mary Pringle of Western Pennsylvania.  Featuring dramatic readings from the play and commentary by Jenn Rian, Ian Patterson, Michael Blanchard, Zack Mitrecic, and director Larry Spinnenweber.

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On episode 2 of the Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast, we talk with renowned playwright Frank W. Wicks, creator of Soldier, Come Home, a Civil War drama recently produced by the Little Beaver Historical Society.

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TSVP’s Radio Theater Podcast presents classic, contemporary, and original imaginative audio productions, including recorded, staged, and live streamed performances before live audiences.  In addition to showcasing performances, the podcast is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the craft of local theater.

In 2018, The Social Voice Project partnered with the Merrick Art Gallery and the Rochester Area Heritage Society to bring three radio-styled audio performances to Beaver County.


Not since the “golden age” of radio–which was killed off long ago by television–have we experienced such an interest in audio storytelling and radio-style dramas, comedies, and other performances created exclusively for that most impressive venue of them all, the “theater of the mind.”  And it’s all because of podcasting, which is breathing new life into radio theater.

Audiences of all ages are once again “tuning in” to hear these wonderful “broadcasts” over the “airwaves.”  But today our listeners are donning headphones and earbuds, turning up their computer speakers, and subscribing to digital downloads over the internet.  Podcasting is new technology, just as radio once was, miraculously reaching audiences from coast to coast.  Today however, podcasts have wold-wide reach though the internet.

Old radio performances such as The ShadowFibber McGee and Molly, the Jack Benny Show, and the CBS Radio Mystery Theater may be long gone, but today’s audiences still appreciate the experience of listening to great stories.  Our own love of old radio theater and listening to stories (new and old) is what inspired our Radio Theater Podcast, which is a work in progress and learning experience.  After all, the old masters of radio theater (actors, directors, producers, sound engineers) are mostly all gone, and they left us very little guidance on how to re-create the art form and stage craft.  Therefore, we are on our own to figure it out–just as the early radio pioneers did.

But how exciting for all of us to revive and celebrate this amazing craft!  We hope your will join us and “tune in” to our “broadcasts” (that is, subscribe and download our podcast).


For more than a century, the Merrick Free Art Gallery has provided residents of Beaver County and the surrounding region with a landmark destination in which to enjoy the civilizing influence of the arts. Each year, thousands of people visit The Merrick to view the permanent collection, attend special exhibits and invitational showings, or learn more about art and artistry in the many classes and workshops offered.



The Rochester Area Heritage Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Rochester’s rich history and heritage, including an extensive collection of Frye glass artifacts, early 19th and 20th century school rooms, and one of the region’s most impressive scale model train displays.

The Rochester Area Heritage Society Podcast features stories and news about the Rochester Area Heritage Society and local history of central Beaver County, Pennsylvania.






The Little Beaver Historical Society  was established in 1962 to maintain, preserve, and restore the historical facts and material of the area, and to seek out historical sites of interest.  LBHS maintains three museums, an authentic log cabin, and a working forge in Darlington, Pennsylvania.

The Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast features stories and news about the Little Beaver Historical Society and local history of northern Beaver County, Pennsylvania.








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