TSVP Audio Production Service

We’re not interested in taking your money.  We don’t do retail.

Instead, our mission is to work cooperatively with organizations for the public good.  We believe in nonprofits and public-focused projects that promote the humanities and creative arts, and we want to support their missions through our audio services, such as podcasting, live event recording, audio documentation, audio advertising/marketing, and other programming.

We’re in This Together

Working with us is like going down a road we walk together.  We don’t work for you; we work with you to create audio projects that support your organizational mission and needs.  We bring our expertise in audio production–the tech stuff we know about–and you bring the talent and content that reaches the audience you serve and know best. (That’s the stuff we know nothing about!).  Beyond that, our goal is to help you create value-added revenue-generating audio programming.

Oh, and about that money thing . . . If your membership, community, or valued contributors are willing to underwrite or financially support our audio programming, then we’ll share and benefit from that support. Generate $100 in ad revenue?  We’ll share it.  Accept and offer to underwrite a program for $5,000.  We’ll share it.  Win/Win!

Here’s Our Offer

In our experience, there’s no one-size fits all approach to creative work.  And the more complicated media productions are, the greater resources it takes to get the job done.  But here’s our initial offer:  We’ll work with you to produce some introductory programming–and the dime’s on us.  For example, we’ll collaboratively produce up to three podcast episodes with you–for free.  After that, we’ll need to talk about how to support future production through underwriting or some other means of revenue such as advertising.  (Yeah, we don’t like that part of the business either, but we have to keep the lights on.  You get that, right?).  But first, let’s talk about your project.

Let’s Talk

Of course, not everyone is going to like our approach to doing business, and we understand that.  Some people will want typical retail media production services, and there are a lot of great companies in our area to hire.  Good luck with that.

But if you want value-added media programming that reaches your particular audience and loyal community in meaningful ways, you’ll probably want to be involved in the creative process.  After all, nobody can represent your organization or project better than you.  We want to put you in front of your programming–whether it’s hosting your own podcast, creating an audio walking tour for your museum, or directing your own radio drama.  It’s a process, believe us!  These projects take time to think through and get right.  We’re here to help.  Contact us and we’ll talk . . .


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