Alle-Kiski Chronicle (Ep02) – Jamie Stoner

Jamie Stoner | Washing, Sewing, and Listening Machines



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On episode 2 of the podcast, Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society and Heritage Museum head volunteer Sean Isaacs talks with curator Jamie Stoner about a new permanent exhibit featuring historic home appliances such as washing machines, sewing machines, radios, and phonographs.


This episode was recorded May 14, 2016, Tarentum, Pennsylvania. Host: Sean Isaacs. Guest: Jamie Stoner. Audiography: Kevin Farkas, Bryan Chemini. Music: Siren (“Let You Know”), Shoreline (“Weeks”), Alexander White (“What We Saw”) available at  ©2017 Alle-Kiski Chronicle Podcast/TSVP. All rights reserved.