Erin Ninehouser | Rustbelt Mayberry

On episode 23 of Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast, we have a conversation with Erin Ninehouser of Ambridge, Pennsylvania, photographer, community storyteller, and founder of Rustbelt Mayberry.



COVER ART_ERIN NINEHOUSER“Here everybody has a neighbor, everybody has a friend. Everybody has a reason to begin again…” -Bruce Springsteen

Erin Ninehouser loves to capture the beauty, tragedy, triumphs and treasures of small communities througout the Pittsburgh region.  For her, photography has the ability to reveal truths and insights that are often too difficult to capture with words, and she uses it to reveal things that are meaningful to her and others.

This episode was recorded January 28, 2016 in Ambridge, Pa. Host: Kevin Farkas, with Bryan Chemini. Audiography: Kevin Farkas.  Music available at Moist Appointment (“Is It Really So Surprising”), Nanisound (“Secret Garden, feat. Yugin83 & Paul Do”), Nick Snow (“Philadelphia”), Don Conoscenti (“Rolling Instrumental,” “Today Instrumental,” “Hour in Texarkana”).