Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast – Episode 09

Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln | A Sentimental Journey

On Episode 9 of Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast, we talk with Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln, author of A Sentimental Journey, produced as an audiobook by the Vetern Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative.



Interspersed with the author’s comments and historical data, Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln’s four volume audiobook recreates a vivid picture of the WWII era, including oral histories garnered through a host of interviews from the author’s historic hometown of Connellsville and Southwestern Pennsylvania.

This episode was recorded June 30, 2014.  It is a production of The Social Voice Podcast Network. Host: Kevin Farkas. Audiography: Kevin Farkas. Music (available on Glenn Miller/Moonlight Serenade (1939, original recording), Nixon McAllsiter/Finn Time Riddin, Leo Sharer/Ambience Leo. ©2017. All Rights Reserved